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Episode 1:

Legend of The Downey Booger

A moonshiner was riding along the same route when he noticed something lurking behind him. His first instinct was to run, but realizing his customers may be angry if their delivery was destroyed, he decided to pull his revolver and shoot the creature. He reported to the sheriff that it screamed like a woman and ran off into the woods. A posse was formed and they tracked the creature through the woods for miles until they reached a bluff. They assumed the creature must have feel to it's demise so the posse turned back and headed for birth to the legend of the Downey Booger.

     The Legend of the Downey Booger is set in the late 1800's. Two cousins (the Downey boys) were returning home from an evening dance recalling the events of the day. When suddenly they see what they described as a tall, hairy wildman leap out in front of their horses. Terrified, the teens bolt in the direction they came and found another route home. Being typical teens, no one believed their story until another siting happened a short time later.

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