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Respect of Indian Ritual

We were honored as a group to attend a local Indian Pow Wow. This journey has taken us to places we would have never thought possible. As a group it was decided that using the legends from Indian history mixed with American history would be a very interesting angle. Our searches led us to a very kind group of Indian people in West Alabama. They opened there tribe to us and invited us to come and film and spend time learning of their heritage.

One Indian lady in particular was rich in knowledge of the rituals and meaning behind so many of their stories. She even knew the meanings behind every fire dance and what her role as a story teller meant to her people. I remember hearing her and learning of her stories, her love for her people, and her respect for life. We as a team were blessed this day to see the heart of an Indian woman and the true respect they hold to the land. All of her stories were fascinating and will be featured in our film but there was one moment we each shared and cried over.

The question was asked by Team Leader Greg: "What is the most important thing you hope to see happen with your people." As she teared up she was able to say "For all people to come together....and respect each other as one people..." For here it wasn't just about Indian or White... it was about unity and love. We were all marked on that day and it will be one of our greatest memories.

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