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Greg Ogles: Director

I am the elder of the group.  I take responsibility for the safety of our team, finding places to investigate, collection and analyzing data, and ultimately making sure protocol is followed.


I went to Walker College and then to Auburn University where I studied the sciences and mathematics.  Currently I am the traffic analyst for the largest city in Alabama.  As an analyst, I'm trained in investigative techniques which I have translated over to investigating the unknown. 


Throughout the history of mankind, we have always been curious about the unknown, making new discoveries and trekking our way into the wilderness.  I have a great sense of adventure that I can not escape and have now assembled a team to test the mythical to uncover the truth of their roots.  Some may be real, some just fantasy....but in the end we will reveal how these stories came to life.

Brent McGough: Director of Cinematography

With a degree in Broadcast Journalism and Film I am the tech dude in the group.  For me science and technology guide me.  I have several years of experience with film and camera gear.  I am the nerd in the group!  I am a perfectionist and aim at creating something beautiful and exciting for viewers to see. 

When it comes to the discovering legends and walking into the un-known I keep an open mind though I still approach things with science and desire solid proof.  When outside in the wild I’ve never felt more complete.  I do believe there are things we can-not explain and hope to find the truth of the legends we are exploring.

Janice Redden: Psychologist & Geographer

I am an avid outdoors-woman who is quite at home in the woods.  A nature lover who has a passion for discovering the truth behind the unexplained.  I enjoy organic gardening, bird watching, hiking, camping & running.  Degrees earned at Auburn University in Psychology and Geography with a strong emphasis on land use management.  Since joining this team I have become more conservation minded by researching local flora & fauna.  I want to get out and pursue the facts behind local myths so that I can learn how to live peacefully and respectfully with all that call planet Earth home.

Daniel Redden: Security/Crew Safety

Daniel plays an important role in our group.  As a service member, we are truely honored to have him with us.  Prior service Marine currently serving in the Air National Guard.  Volunteer broadcast camera operator for over 13 years gives him key skills to capture amazing shots and help with filming needs. As a Scout leader for over 5 years he adds to our outdoor experience.

John Mahaffey: The Historian

John is an expert in history.  He keeps the team informed of the historical records of certain legends.  He spends much of his time tracking down the records and historical accounts of each legend and myth.

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